Video sessions

Video sessions

Being in our centre and being able to do so whenever we feel we need it is very important for our physical and inner balance and health, to express all that we are and to live our life aligned with our Real Self. In order to do so it is important to work on our limiting patterns, to see them, to become conscious of the causes that create them and to be able to work on them.

IDOL, Inner Dance Of Love technique and Emotional Body Consciousness are 2 deep ways that can help you to look inside of yourself and get in touch with your own limiting patterns in order to see how to overcome them.

To support you in your process, I decided to create 2 recorded video sessions for you to be able to work on yourself from home and be guided to see and understand deeply where your subconscious blocks come from, in order to release your limitations and physical blockages.

You can either buy one of the two sessions or a combo pack, containing both video sessions for a very special price just for the month of August.

Once you buy your product you will be provided a Wetransfer link that you can download which allows you to be able to do your session(s) whenever you need and repeat it any time you want,,having them with you to guide you for the rest of your life.

If you wish to go even deeper you could also contact me to have a live personalised session with me, where I can guide you deeper and give you feedback.

Take this opportunity now and be able to work on yourself whenever you want from home or from wherever you feel like.

In order to do the session(s) in the right way make sure you do it/them in a quiet space , alone and that you have a yoga mat or place where you can lie down ,a scarf or something to cover your eyes (just for the Emotional Body Consciousness), a computer or a speaker or a way for you to listen properly to the music played in the session(s) and a notebook to write down or draw your experience in, if you need it.

Below you find the descriptions of the sessions.

I wish you a joyful inner work and I wish you much Love for your process.


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IDOL video session     Emotional Body Consciousness video session

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IDOL Inner Dance Of Love

IDOL is a technique based on bringing into the conscious awareness the root of psychological and physical problems through guided communication between the client and the coach. Giulia is deeply connected during this communication process and through observing the movement of the client's body, is able to help them understand the root cause of their challenges.

During the session the client is closely listened to and guided to go deeper in himself through laying down and entering a meditative state. Here they enter deeper and deeper inside the heart and sacral chakra. From there the client is guided to gently move with the support of specific musical rhythms.

The coach observing the client's movements, uses this information to guide them deeper into the understanding of where the root of their problem lies.

IDOL technique helps clients to recover forgotten memories of this lifetime, and previous lifetimes, in order to bring a deeper inner understanding of one's life. This leads clients to be a better version of themselves and gives them the opportunity to heal both physical and psychological problems.

Required for the IDOL video session: a yoga mat, a carpet or a bed with some space on the side.

Emotional Body Consciousness

Based on the Sa`Sen Yin non-methodical method and on the IDOL technique, this session helps with understanding and expressing oneself and one’s emotions through body movement and dance.

It’s developed to help people connect with their emotions though the heart, and to be able to express them though their movement.

The client is guided to connect deeply with his heart chakra and then connect to the parts of the body where he feels the emotions and the current issues he is facing in his life. In a safe space, the client is invited to let the body express what is felt inside through movement.

Through this inner work, a person starts to see the connection between the circumstances in their life and the body. He sees how this can generate energy blocks and how to work on those blockages.

This session helps to bring up limiting patterns, inner visions, past lives and forgotten memories in order to heal them.

You will need: a yoga mat, a carpet or a bed, as well as a SCARF or something to cover your eyes.