Heal yourself to be all that you are

The intention of my work is to lead my clients to live their lives fully. In order to do so, it is important to heal from all that blocks one from evolving. This includes inner blockages and physical diseases.

In my own process I learned and continue to learn every day, how important it is to remove all limiting patterns and their associated layers that are inherited from family, lineage, society, culture, education and much more.

To be fully satisfied and happy, peaceful and healthy is to be and live as your TrueSelf.

It is the way to really manifest our true purpose and live our real potential.

What fulfills me the most is to guide someone on her/his own inner journey to be the better version of himself in order to be healthy and to live in peace and love and satisfied with herself/himself

My all work is based on the Sa’Sen Yin no-methodical method , that guide a person to see the causes of his problems to heal them ,showing to everyone his own individual path.

Facing the truth is the first step towards this deep way to be what one really is.

There is no love without truth.

In the sessions and personalized programs I offer I lead you to see the truth you are living through your body and its signs. You will learn how to connect into your heart chakra, the center of oneself. It is through the heart that we become the best person we can be and heal our inner blockages and physical problems.




Sa'Sen Yin counselor and coach specialized in body movement observation and in guiding people to find the root cause of their challenges, helping them to heal.

Giulia was trained as a dancer since a young age and worked as an artist, dance teacher and choreographer.
She entered the holistic world in 2013 using techniques such as yoga, breath work, biodance, shamanism, women's workshops, womb healing, chakra balancing and reiki.

In 2016 Giulia trained to become a Sa'Sen Yin coach. Together with the Sa'Sen Yin founder, Ría Panen Godesberg she developed the IDOL “Inner Dance Of Love” technique. This technique is based on the observation of body movements and coaching to release forgotten memories and liberate limiting patterns.

She also became a Reintegration Massage licensed practitioner, which is another branch of the Sa’Sen Yin non-methodical method, to help people reintegrate forgotten parts of the subconscious.And Lately she start working with Etheric Osteopathy,a technique to heal physical and inner problems reaching the causes.

Giulia helps you to heal your life deeply by working on an emotional, physical and psychological level.

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