The island of Ibiza is my biggest master. Here is where I found many answers to who I really am , and I have come to understand that life has many ways to take us into the shadow. This stops us from really seeing the truth.

Only by facing in every moment what it is really there, can one can heal and grow.

Ibiza is an island under the star sign of Scorpio and so it takes each person to his deepest self . At the same time it offers many traps to stay away from the real answers, and to push one to choose the easiest way .

But throughout my years of growing in Ibiza, I saw that spirituality can be confused with something that isn’t the clear truth .

Walking my path I understood that only by choosing the truth , without the addiction of any external thing, can we really reach the Love that we are.


RÍA PANEN GODESBERG Sa’ Sen Yin non-methodical method

After being in connection with many ways of spirituality, I always felt so unreal. All those methods that are not practical, and are based on the repetition of a technique or on the need of an external aid, didn’t feel real to me .

When I met Ría I understood straight away that what she does, is the real spirituality.

Ría's non-methodical method, called Sa'Sen Yin, helps people to see by themselves what is really there. This allows a proper healing, where the process of each person is respected with love. The Sa'Sen Yin coaches are trained to be aligned with their own purpose, to be objective and to work always from the heart chakra, which brings their work from the energy of Love. They are constantly doing work on themselves to be correct human beings, conscious of their spiritual path and spiritual life. Thanks to this, they can recover their skill of clairvoyance. This skill enables the coach to see in a person which life events, (of this life or past lives), have caused his physical or inner problems, and to guide him to also see this on his own.