Online Healing Workshop

2nd and 3rd May

This event was born because now more than ever it is important to stay connected to Love, to work on ourselves to stay centered and to live this moment as an opportunity to grow.

This event offers the possibility to work intensively with experienced coaches and holistic practitioners during a weekend where 6 workshops will be facilitated at a very affordable price, to give many people the opportunity to work within themselves for their inner well-being, life and health.

Those participants, who are interested in going deeply into their own process after this workshop, to overcome limiting inner patterns and achieve both physical and inner growth and well-being, can then directly contact the therapist with whom they want to continue their inner work.

Giulia Campinoti, Sa’Sen Yin coach and coach is organizing this online event where you have the opportunity to work deeply within yourself, WHILE STAYING HOME.

Giulia will be leading 2 of the 6 workshops during the weekend.

There are only 100 places available, so make sure you secure your spot NOW.

Once you have bought your online workshop ticket, you will be sent an email with the zoom links that will be valid to participate during the 2 days.

The schedule of these 2 days is designed to ensure that each participant, from all the different time zones across the world, has the opportunity to work with each coach, at least once during the 2 days.

You can find the schedule at the bottom.

  • The price is € 45 for the 2 days and 6 workshops.
  • You cannot buy parts of the workshops or only one day.
  • The FULL PACKAGE includes the 2 days of live workshops AND the six recordings.
  • If for any reason, you cannot attend the live workshops, this is your own responsibility.
  • If you can’t make the times of the schedule, buy the FULL PACKAGE which gives you access to all the workshop recordings so that you can do them in your own time, Or redo them at a later date.
  • There are no refunds, once you have bought your event tickets.

Now normally to work with just one of us costs at least €95, today you get TWO ONLINE SESSIONS with each of us for ONLY €45.

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Giulia Campinoti

Sa'Sen Yin counselor and coach specialized in body movement observation and in guiding people to find the root cause of their challenges, helping them to heal.

Giulia was trained as a dancer since a young age and worked as an artist, dance teacher and choreographer.
She entered the holistic world in 2013 using techniques such as yoga, breath work, biodance, shamanism, women's workshops, womb healing, chakra balancing and reiki.

In 2016 Giulia trained to become a Sa'Sen Yin Coach. Together with the Sa'Sen Yin founder, Ría Panen Godesberg she developed the IDOL “Inner Dance Of Love” technique. This technique is based on the observation of body movements and coaching to release forgotten memories and liberate limiting patterns.

Later she also became a Reintegration Massage licensed practitioner, which is another branch of the Sa’Sen Yin non-methodical method, to help people reintegrate forgotten parts of the subconscious.

Giulia helps you to heal your life deeply by working on an emotional, physical and psychological level.

Sharon Loerzer

Sharon Loerzer is a Sa S'en Yin coach and counselor for 25 years. She specialises in the reintegration of life experiences, trauma and old family patterns, from present life and other lives. This liberates the True Self and catalyzes great positive change. Her great skill is in accompanying these changes until they become a firm way of life.

 She runs the Family Evolution Center in Ibiza, Spain, where she gives courses and seminars on Self Ownership and Family Rebalancing, as well as private sessions for individuals and families.

Her work is available online and in person, as she travels to multiple cities.

+34 639467279

Karen Krysko

Karen is an international intuitive/medium, mentor, energy healer and certified intuitive life balance coach.  Her rare gift of intuitive healing and connection started at a young age and over time has developed into one where she could use her gifts to be of service to others.  Karen holds a different perspective than most when it comes to healing, closure, illness, and roadblocks in life.  She connects deep within a client's energy to help undercover root causes for things such as illness, habits, blocks, low self-esteem.  Karen provides her clients with wisdom to inspire limitless possibilities for a life filled with truth, clarity, confidence, and success.




IDOL Inner Dance Of Love

A workshop based on a deep inner connection with your heart, sacral chakra and your inner being through body movements, music and Giulia guiding you.

It leads you to inner visions, forgotten memories, past lives in order to heal and understand limiting patterns, physical and inner blockages.

Required for the first part of the workshop: a yoga mat, a carpet or a bed with some space on the side.

Emotional Body Consciousness

A inner work based on the deep connection and understanding of your emotions and how your body can express them through subconscious body movement.

You will need: a yoga mat, a carpet or a bed, as well as a SCARF or something to cover your eyes.


Letting Go of Resistance

Behind all resistance is something we need for our learning and well-being. The resistance can look like anger, fear, depression, busy-ness, distractions etc. When one stays with the resistance, it absorbs all the focus, and one misses the gift that lies deeper within.

We will visit what it feels like to let go of resistance, as this can make it easier to move forward and life can become much simpler.

Find Inner Strength

When feeling overwhelmed it is very easy to panic and lose perspective. One can get lost in the negative and lose faith in oneself, especially in the face of change.

Here we will come back to the Centre by remembering the resources that you have already within you. We will practice using these resources daily, to activate and strengthen them, in order to regain self confidence.


Chakra meditation

Breathing in the energy of life through your chakras.

Chakras are concentrated energy centres of the body that correspond to different aspects of your life. They can become out of alignment when different traumas, health issues, losses or hurtles happen in your life. By realigning them it may help you feel happier, more focused, relaxed, clarity and allow better sleep. Learn the basics of the chakras while Realigning them through meditation.

Reset to finding gratitude in your life

It can be difficult to find hope and gratitude through difficult times. Dive into some basic psychology teachings to allow yourself to have tools to find new ways of practising, understanding and having gratitude in your life.


Saturday 2nd May

  • 10:00 am: Sharon - Letting go of resistance
  • 30 - 45 minutes break
  • 12:00 pm: Giulia - IDOL Inner Dance Of Love
  • 30 - 45 minutes break
  • 2:00 pm: Karen - Chakra meditation

Sunday 3rd May

  • 5:30 pm: Sharon - Find Inner Strength
  • 30 - 45 minutes break
  • 7:30 pm: Giulia -Emotional Body Consciousness
  • 30 - 45 minutes break
  • 9:30 pm: Karen - Reset to find gratitude in your life