The Sa’Sen Yin non-methodical method

Hello everyone, I am Giulia Campinoti and I am a Sa’Sen Yin coach. I have decided to write this article in order to give you a better understanding of what the Sa’Sen Yin method is about and why it is described as a non-methodical method.

Before going into the explanation of this method of healing and coaching I want to start with a premise.

In my journey of research and study of the evolution of myself and the human being in general, I have passed through various techniques and schools of thought. All of them, of course, made me understand something, but none of them satisfied me, none gave me that deep understanding and none put me on the path of Truth and Love.

I remember that each time I was missing something and that above all I felt that each new technique acquired could show me a part of myself but it always took me further away from what I was looking for: who I am and what I came to do in this life.
I had met masters who wanted to be worshipped, techniques that had to be repeated and fitted into new patterns of behaviour, plants that had to be taken up and then become another external addition in order to evolve. Until I finally met Ria Panen Godesberg, founder and creator of the Sa’Sen Yin method.

A person who impresses with her high consciousness, Love and humility and above all a person who teaches others to be the best version of themselves by moving them away from adoration or dependence on any external person or substance. And to understand what Sa’Sen Yin is, one must first know who Ria is.


-Ria Panen Godesberg , founder and creator of the Sa’Sen Yin method
An encounter with Ria Panen Godesberg changes your life. Contact with her brings about greater awareness and with her clear and loving vision she helps you to create a clearer and happier life. The essence of her work is to help people find a deep state of Love, Consciousness and Clarity. She also shows people the way to their inner self, so that they are gradually able to live up to their full potential.

Ria Panen Godesberg is a spiritual teacher. Those who seek Ria’s guidance learn to heal themselves holistically. This is holistic health, which includes the physical well-being of the person. Ria is the founder and creator of the Sa’Sen Yin teaching, which is also a centre of the Sa’Sen Yin non-methodological healing method. It is actually a non-method, as it teaches each person their own path. 1987 developed the first 2 essential parts of this method: reintegration massage and etheric osteopathy. He teaches the complete package of various “techniques”. The Sa’Sen Yin method is also used for the diagnosis and treatment of animals, especially horses.
Ria was born clairvoyant and started practising yoga and meditation at a very young age. From 1972 to 1980 she studied anthroposophical healing and anthroposophical medicine, natural healing arts and oriental massage techniques.

She worked for Greenpeace and founded a health centre, helped rebuild businesses, practised and taught Chi Kung and T’ai Chi Chuan and was appointed Zen Master ‘Master of Life’ by a lama no longer incarnate. Ria has worked with people all over the world in individual and group sessions.

In 1980 she moved to Ibiza (Spain). She lives there (happily married since 1997) together with her husband Helmut. Ria has two grown-up daughters.

The many different experiences, added to the great knowledge she brought into this life, led to the development of “The Course” in 1992.

It is the basis for reaching her inner self = higher consciousness.
Today she concentrates mainly on “The Course”, on seminars and conferences and on the training of therapists.


The difference between Sa’Sen Yin and other schools and methods that exist is that Sa’Sen Yin adapts to the differences of each person, whether applied in coaching sessions or applied in teaching and training as a therapist and coach in this method.

Sa’Sen Yin has a similar basis of application for everyone but takes into account the fact that we are all different, which is why it is called the “non-methodical method”. People who start to heal themselves and embark on growth paths accompanied by Sa’Sen Yin coaches will be treated differently, even though they may come from similar backgrounds or traumas, because each of us can respond in opposite ways to the same events.

There will never be a standard protocol or technique that is repeated for every patient.
Rather, it is a matter of bringing the person into a state of deep connection with his Higher Self that resides in his heart chakra and accompanying him to understand for himself what the real causes are that lead him to the problems and blocks he is experiencing. The coach’s preparation and inner work is therefore fundamental so that he is able to guide the person in front of him objectively and truthfully to see, without deceiving himself, the causes of his problems. These causes can also lie in old, forgotten traumas. Everything will always be approached in a loving, objective and above all personal way.

With regard to the training to become a Sa’Sen Yin coach, students are guided by the same method in order to be in a space of clarity and understanding and above all to develop the clairvoyance of Sa’sen Yin, to be able to see what is happening to the person in front of them and to be able to guide them to see it themselves. Despite working with similar processes to become a Sa’Sen Yin coach, everyone can then develop and understand how to apply this non-methodical method according to their own gifts. That is why all Sa’Sen Yin coaches are different and apply this non-methodical method differently.


When people talk about clairvoyance, they think of the lady with the crystal ball and the turban on her head.

In reality, there is a modern clairvoyance that is not based on future predictions, but on being able to see our reality beyond physical boundaries.

All of us are born with this quality of clairvoyance but from a young age we often lose it, due to external conditioning, education and society, but also just not being aware that we have it. Children are often not encouraged, let alone understood, and because they are not helped to cultivate this quality, it is often repressed.

An example to understand what I am saying is that as children we can all see the elementary beings in nature, which is why sometimes children have so-called “invisible friends”, in reality these beings are invisible to adults but very visible to children. However, if a child is told that what he sees does not exist, especially by a person he trusts a lot, such as one of his parents, the child will begin to believe what they are told and will begin to disconnect from the quality of seeing beyond the physical world. Another example is when a child gets hurt. In such cases the mother, or whoever, often gives the child a kiss and tells him that there is nothing wrong. The child will then feel bad but will begin to wonder if what he hears is true or what the person he believes in most, his mother, has told him, and will begin to distrust his perceptions.
So we are all born clairvoyant but with the various conditioning we experience, we become disconnected from this quality.

Sa’Sen Yin helps to work on one’s behavioural patterns, in an objective and true way, in order to overcome them and recover the clairvoyance that belongs to us.

Becoming clairvoyant again can help us in everyday life to see what is behind the image that people present to us, in order to better understand others, but also ourselves. Being clairvoyant helps us to see better what we have, to understand why we get certain diseases and to work on the causes (past traumas and experiences) that have caused our blocks and problems in life in order to get rid of them.

A Sa’Sen Yin coach has done and constantly continues to do this work on himself in order to be able to guide the people he follows to see themselves clearly and connect more deeply with their inner self without deceiving themselves.

On the physical level, a Sa’Sen Yin coach can see inside a person’s body and understand where the physical problems and traumas that the person has come from, what instances in life they were formed in, and help the person understand this in order to heal themselves.

IDOL Inner Dance Of Love

As I said before, every Sa’Sen Yin coach works through this method in a personal way, according to the qualities and knowledge they have acquired in their life.

I come from a background as a dancer and choreographer and have worked for many years through my body and movement.

Therefore during my training Sa’Sen Yin Ria Panen Godesberg developed with me IDOL Inner Dance Of Love, a way to guide people to see where their limiting patterns are through body movement and coaching.

By applying my knowledge of body movement and training as a Sa’Sen Yin coach I can guide people to see and reconnect with traumas that have led them to the blockage they are experiencing in their lives today.

Through understanding the unconscious movement of the person, we can together understand how to act and what to do in order to move towards our life goal.

This is why I am often asked if I can teach IDOL, and I know that it is not a technique that can be repeated, precisely because it comes from a process of inner development and not from a repetition of certain methodologies.

No one will be able to repeat the coaching that I do, but everyone is more than welcome to find their own path, to see beyond the physical and be able to heal themselves through the Sa’Sen Yin path